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TVI Express BAN in CHINA

Another TVI Express China member sentenced for fraud

Using false front of promoting travel, entrapped elderly in pyramid scheme, sentenced to prison
以推销旅游为名 铆牢老人发展传销被判刑

【http://www.newssc.org 】 2010-05-21 18:47 】 【来源: Sources: 齐鲁晚报 Qilu Evening News

(记者李燕韩 跟南)季红娟、韩强在市区包下一间咖啡厅,名为组织退休人员旅游,实为发展传销网络。
(Reporter Li Yan, Han Gan-Nang) Gi Hong Juang and Han Qiang booked a coffee shop for meeting, claimed to organize retiree travel, but in fact, organized an illegal pyramid scheme.
Yesterday, Zhabei court sentenced the two to imprisonment for 1 year and 6 months and 6 months imprisonment, respectively, suspended for 6 months, for organizing and leading a pyramid scheme.
2009年6 月,季红娟加入并发展韩强为“英国TVI旅游公司项目”成员。
June 2009, Gi Hong Juang joined Han Chiang in "TVI Express" member.
之后,两人包下长安路吉岛咖啡厅,通过四层宝塔形结构发展下线会员的方式,针对退休人员展开传销活动。 Later, the two booked the coffee house on Chang-An Road called Luji Island coffee shop, and started recruiting downline members in a pyramid scheme, aimed especially at retirees.
在传销活动 中,季红娟负责收取现金、替会员注册、发放奖励,韩强负责介绍项目。
In the pyramid scheme, Ms. Gi is responsible for collecting cash, membership registration, and disburse awards. Mr. Han is responsible for introduction [and promotion].
为达到尽早牟 利的目的,季红娟、韩强规定每名参与者必须购买8个会员账号。
To achieve the purpose of profit as soon as possible, Ms. Ji and Mr. Han requires each participant to purchase 8 member accounts.
案发时,公安人员查获由季红娟管理的会员账号达200余个,涉案金额人民币40多万元。 Time of the incident, public security officers seized from Ms. Gi's account more than 200 member accounts, involving more than 40 million yuan.
In the same year in November, Ms. Gi was arrested in Shanghai Train Station Southern Plaza by public security officials.
In December, Mr. Hang refunded to Mr. Shen and others to 1.l million Yuan in restitution, turned himself in to the authorities, then refunded additional 50,000 yuan before the trial.
法院认为, 被告人季红娟、韩强共同组织、领导传销活动,扰乱经济社会秩序,其行为已构成组织、领导传销活动罪。
The court held that the defendant Ms. Gi and Mr. Han has conspired to organize and lead pyramid schemes, disturb the economic and social order, thus their behavior constituted organizing and leading illegal pyramid scheme.
两被告在共同犯罪中,被告人季红娟起主要作用是主犯,被告人韩强起次要作用是从犯。 Of the two accused in the crime, the primary culprit is Ms. Gi, and the accomplice is Mr. Han.
Mr. Han apparently chose to surrender himself to the authorities and made restitution. This has been taken into consideration by the court in probation and reduction of the sentence.
据此,法院做 出上述判决。 Accordingly, the court made the ruling.

Translated from http://bxtz.newssc.org/system/2010/05/21/012732111.shtml#

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