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Senarai Business Internet yang di BANNED di luar negara..!!!!

Revenue Magic Advertising Community
Banned Programs/Sites:
(effective July, 10th, 2008)
Most Recent Update: Friday, July 2nd
, 2010

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There are certain websites and programs that are not permitted to be advertised through the Revenue Magic Advertising Community. The reasons for a particular site or program to be banned can range all the way from a frame breaking website to inappropriate content (porn, etc.) to money games and products of dubious value to online, unregistered investments. The list below may change at any time.

Banned Programs - Programs brought to our attention, from our members, that may meet any or more of the following conditions: Products of dubious value, Unregistered Investments, Bubble Games, Money Doublers, Reverse Pension Plans, Surf Investment Programs, Ponzi's, Gifting Programs and Revenue Share programs that do not require a sales requirement to earn and the like. In addition, we do not allow "Processing" Job advertisements like Email, Rebate, Refund, Typing and Data Processing. NOTE: We do not actively seek out programs to ban nor do we evaluate programs based on compensation plans or products, we do however, listen to the concerns of our members and if a concern has merit we would rather err on the side of caution and ban the program in question. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Current Partial List of Banned Programs (Date Banned):

10DailyInstant.com (1/2/10), 10DollarClick-10Dollarclick.com (4/12/10) 10DollarDreams (6/19/09), 10StageDoubler, 12DailyHits, 15AdsDaily (6/28/09, 24Over7, 3900income, 5DollarMagic.com (1/11/10), AD-renalineMarketing.com (3/25/10), Ad-renaline.net (3/25/10), AdCashNetwork.net (6/21/09), AdgateWorld, AdPackNetwork, AdTrafficExplosion (7/25/09), Ad-ventures4u.com, AdviewGlobal, AffordableAffiliates (3/4/09), Agerro Investment, Altsurf, APInstant (5/26/09), ASD Cash Generator (7/7/08), Asian Invest Group (6/20/09), BingBangProfits (1/12/10), BizAdSplash, Club-Asteria.com (2/5/10), CraigsPimp-craigspimp.com (5/10/10), Cycle2Millions, Daily Profit Pond, DailyProfitShare (3/15/09), DataNetworkAffiliates.com (2/6/10), DrivenRapidWealth, EarnersUnite (4/26/09), EasyShareAp.com (3/10/09), EmailSendingWork-EMailSendingwork.org (4/12/10), Emoneycycle (5/17/09), ExpertManagedFunds.com (3/14/10), EZAdsnCash (4/12/10) EzyCashGifts, ForcedCashGifts.com (1/24/10), Forex4Free-forex4free.org (4/12/10), Gem Lifestyle, GenuineMails-GenuineMails.com (4/25/1), GeniusFund (8/4/09), Global Gifting System, Global Information Network (6/7/10), Golden Panda Ad Builder, GoodleAdz-goodleadz.com (5/18/10), Gorilla Millions, Hollywood-Ads (5/23/09), JM&Gold-jmgold.com (4/12/10), KashKwik-KashKwik.com (4/25/10), Key-To-Cash (5/20/09), La Fuente Dinero, HandofHeaven, HYIP's of ANY Kind, iNetGlobal (2/24/10), Key-To-Cash, Lawnchair Millionaire, Leads Volcano-http://leadsvolcano.co.cc (4/12/10), MagicSurfs (6/16/09), Megalido, MonsterPreLaunch, (9/9/09), MyAffiliatePay (2/26/10), MyEasyBooks-myeasybooks.info (5/3/10), MyMillions-mymillions.us (4/25/10), MyMoneyFish-mymoneyfish.com (5/10/10), MyRevenueShare (8/11/09), myturn4bux, NarcthatCar (2/3/10), NetPennyStocks (3/17/09), Ninelevels (9/13/09), Noobing.com, OversizedCash (10/24/09), Pacforall (8/23/09), Pathway-2-Prosperity, OceanSideWealth, PayitForwardTraffic (6/9/09), PhasesofWealth, PrelaunchBuilder (3/25/10), Premium Compounder, Private Millionaire, ProcessatHome, ProfusionX (12/23/09), Prospertity2People (6/19/09), PTVPartner (1/19/10), QbusinessSolution (9/10/09), QLX3, Regenesis2x2 (8/3/09), RevShareGlobal (6/20/09), RichPTC.com (4/24/09), Rock Solid Fund-rocksolidfund.com (5/10/10), RolClub.com, SilverLodget.net (4/14/09), Surfs-Ahoy.com, Surf-to-earn (8/9/09), TagEveryCar.com (2/6/10), Tazoodle (7/16/09), TheDRFund, The Dominican Republic Fund, TheFortune.info (11/09), TheParagonAlliance (7/6/09), Thirty Dollar Units, TLC2003.com (4/5/10), TVIExpress-tviexpress.com (5/20/10), TVIGlobalAssistTeam-tviglobalassistteam.com (11/15/09), UndergroundCashSecrets (6/16/09-Banned because of Constant Spamvertising to RM Admin), ValueValueValue.com (4/27/09), VIP-Global Marketing Solutions, WBwso (7/26/09), West Finance west-finance.com (5/3/10), WindfallHits (7/2909), WorldWide Loan Club, xanaduriches-xanaduriches.com (5/3/10), YourFreeCashLoans.

Banned Sites - Websites that cause an inconstant viewing problem for our members, for example: Websites that; break out of our viewing frame, cause our counter to freeze, cause older browsers to lock up, produce pop ups that require action before the view can move on, have inappropriate content, or any other potential reason that would obstruct our viewing processes. Banned sites can be removed from this list if the webmaster addresses the issue and informs Revenue Magic.

Current Banned Sites:

Any URL Rotator - URL Rotators are not allowed because we cannot control the core URL's that are inputted and it is too easy for a user to change the URL after it is submitted.

Revenue Share Sites - Any program that offers a revenue share distribution to members.

Online Gambling - Any online gambling site.

HYIP/Investing - Any investing site that offers securities not registered with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) or similar international agencies.

Gifting of Any Kind - Gifting is Illegal and Immoral. It is banned from being advertised on our site and through our system.

NONE of the sites and programs advertised in the Revenue Magic system constitute an endorsement by Revenue Magic but we DO reserve the right to restrict, banish, refuse any and all advertising, that we, at our sole discretion, deem as inappropriate for our valued members and visitors.

Please check this list before purchasing advertising and certainly before attempting to place advertising. If you have advertisements from the list below in rotation, those ads will run until completed. Do not attempt to add credits as that will cause us to deny the entire ad.



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